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rev_rance's Journal

12 February 1972
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A California transplant living in Iowa. I was born and raised in Orange County, around the Huntington Beach area. I left there when I was 23. I was basically tired of the over population, over polution, over priced style of living. Although, I do miss all of the culturual aspects of the place, but I don't think I could ever live there again.

I'm a geek. I have a fetish for technology. No... I'm a slave to technology. My home network would rival that of a small corporate office. When I sit at my desk, I am literally surrounded by computers. My brain has probably been pretty well irradiated from the monitors at this point. I've got the cell phone tumors beat by several miles.

I'm a music nazi. You can see what I listen to here. I'm pretty much of the opinion that if it's on top40 radio, it isn't worth my time. I do have quite an eclectic range of taste, though - but I'm mostly a nazi.

One thing I sometimes with I had more time to do was read. But I really find it time consuming and sometimes boring. Mostly anything I read now is tech manuals. Some authors I do enjoy though are Douglas Adams, Edgar Allan Poe and Dean Koontz. But, in reality, I haven't read a non-tech book in over 4 years. Pretty sad, huh?

Sunday evenings are usually a waste, since I'm glued to the TV for Simpsons, American Dad and Family Guy. Yup... pretty much the only TV I make time in my life for is cartoons. And 24, when the season is running. But mostly cartoons.

I took my first trip off the continent in April/May of 2003. I went to Tokyo to visit a longtime friend, and I just loved it. I'm planning on going there twice a year if all works out. I'm currently enrolled in a Japanese class and hope to get a grasp on the language before my next trip back. One day I also hope to do some vacationing to western Europe. (I've actually been to Tokyo twice now, still haven't made it to Europe.)

I work in the Network Security department for a large company in Des Moines. I've been a professional geek for about eleven years now. I love it, it's a fun job, and it caters to my geek passions.

Most of my free time since Hurricane Katrina has been spent volunteering with the Red Cross. Not only is there a huge sense of satisfaction in helping others, it's also helped fill that void of "what am I doing with my life, beside living for myself?" I truly feel like I'm getting a chance to make a difference.


Days until Bush leaves office.